Greg Jennings On His Quarterbacks, Once Again

Greg Jennings: Recapping Jennings’ Week 6 Fantasy Performance

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Back to what Jennings said: He (Ponder) has always been (in) a position where the stress and the pressure was on him, and he really didnt have the help around him to take that load off, outside of All Day (Adrian Peterson). Thats it. Then, there was some Favre-vs.-Rodgers talk, during which Jennings said, You give respect when you get respect, and brought up the well-worn incident when Rodgers said, Who? when asked about Jennings signing with the Vikings. I know Im messing with him, Jennings said of Rodgers. He got a little sensitive when I try to push him. Finally, there was some more very interesting stuff on Ponder and the Vikings as a whole: At some point, youve got to do something for yourself, so that whole, Man, hes always had great quarterbacks, throw that out the window now. If LeBron wouldve went somewhere where there was no one else, it wouldnt have been a big deal if he went somewhere where he had no Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. I expect nothing but greatness (with the Vikings this year). When you see what they were able to do last year, with the guys they had on that team, great guys, but it goes beyond that.

Minnesota Vikings: Greg Jennings adds mentoring to receiving skills

Hesaw a season-high 10 targets. Jennings was unable to break any big plays, and at one point he had an astonishing six yards on four catches. Things are going south quickly for the Vikings, and the Josh Freeman era appears to be on the horizon. Jennings’ value will be directly tied to the team’s third quarterback of the young season.

Greg Jennings’ barbs at Aaron Rodgers become a bit more pointed

Had him in the slot wide open no one even covered him! Where is Peyton Manning when u need him! This is utterly pathetic” Then she started tweeting at Jennings’ wife Nicole. “@Da_mrs_85 Eb, Cortney, and Jahlin. We are hot Mad! I’ve never seen a star receiver ever go through this smh! @GregJennings needs to bounce” “It is so obvious that @GregJennings is being blatantly ignored by ARod.

Greg Jennings Brings His Foundation To Minnesota

Louis Rams, four years, $36 million. (OLD TEAM: Miami Dolphins.) Robert Mayer, USA TODAY Sports 11. Steven Jackson, RB. SIGNED: Atlanta Falcons, three years, $12M. (Old team: St.

Greg Jennings’ sister trashes Aaron Rodgers on Twitter

“We’re looking forward to him making some of those plays for us.” Frazier, a former cornerback, adds that Jennings remains an elite route-runner. “You don’t have to be a blazer because he knows how to run routes, knows how to set DBs up, and he understands different coverages,” Frazier said. “That’s a big asset of his.” Jennings takes pride in his route-running, pointing to a few notable players who excelled with that skill. “One person who I admired for years was Hines Ward,” Jennings says. “He just knew how to get open. At the tight end position, I look at (Tony) Gonzalez or (Jason) Witten. They’re not fast, but they know how to use their bodies and they know how to get open. “It’s not so much about speed all the time.

Jennings’ newest Rodgers comments just make things worse

— Greg Jennings spent seven years getting the best of the Minnesota Vikings secondary while playing for their bitter rivals in Green Bay. No longer feeling as important to the Packers after two seasons shortened by injuries, Jennings crossed the border and found a team that welcomed him with desperately open arms. More From The Greg Jennings deal makes perfect sense for the Vikings. It elevated them from having zero legitimate receivers to one, writes Kevin Seifert. Blog Greg Jennings may not be a deep threat, but he can strengthen the Vikings’ passing game and take attention off Adrian Peterson, writes KC Joyner. Story Jennings signed a five-year contract with the Vikings on Friday, leaving Aaron Rodgers and that high-octane passing offense in Green Bay for the unproven Christian Ponder and the ground-and-pound Vikings. The contract has a maximum value of $47.5 mlllion, with $18 million guaranteed. The contract is worth a minimum of $27 million over the first three years, and could be as much as $28.5 million over the first three years if he goes to the Pro Bowl, according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

will receive a total of $50,000 in funding to support specific youth education projects. I am so proud of this years recipients and congratulate them on behalf of my foundation. For the first year, we are supporting organizations in my new home of Minneapolis, as well as my hometown Kalamazoo, said Greg Jennings. My wife Nicole and I are dedicated to helping children in underserved communities dream big, achieve their goals and BE GREAT. These organizations capture what we are about. The goal of the BE GREAT Youth Initiative is toidentify and partner with effective organizations that empower and inspire children to fulfill their potential. The second annual BE GREAT After School Grants were awarded to groups that work with K-12 students in the areas of academic achievement, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and college readiness. Executive Director of The Greg Jennings Foundation, Gretta Terrentine, added, We were overjoyed with all of the wonderful work that is being done in Kalamazoo and Minneapolis and once again had a hard decision to select the recipients. We strongly believe that this years recipients make an impact in the lives of children and share our belief that with the right opportunity and proper support all children can set and achieve their goals. Here is some highlighted information about the organizations selected: KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Big Brothers and Big Sisters, A Community of Caring-High School Bigs Serving three school districts in the greater Kalamazoo area, High School Bigs matches children in grades 1-4 (littles) with high school students (bigs) for a year long mentoring program. BBBS works with school faculty to identify children they feel would best benefit from the program and one-on-one time. The littles meet with their bigs after school once a week to spend time together and work on homework. There are also organized programs on select weekends that they can participate in. This is the second year BBBS has received a BE GREAT grant.

Vikings sign WR Greg Jennings

You don’t have to be stirring it up any more. It’s just not necessary. I think he got the message. He understood and he agreed with me and hopefully there won’t be anything more like that.” Attempting to soften the impact of his critique of Rodgers, Jennings said Thursday that a piece of himself was still in Green Bay, and that “everything I said, I’m joking. I’m messing. I’m pulling Aaron’s arm.

Vikings snatch Greg Jennings from division-rival Packers

You were very good here, if you would have been healthy you would have been great. fwippel says: Jul 26, 2013 7:06 PM As a Viking fan, I really hate to say this, but what the heck has Rodgers done wrong recently? Even in the playoff loss to the 49ers, his offense put up enough points to win, but the defense got flattened. If the defense had showed up against Minnesota in Week 17, chances are the Packers get the 49ers in Green Bay, and stand a much better chance of winning. Every time Ive seen Rodgers play, hes been nearly flawless. What the heck is Jennings talking about? granadafan says: Jul 26, 2013 7:10 PM Jennings is like the jealous ex-girlfriend who has to continually criticize everything you do and everyone around you. Actually Jennings is more like his crazy sister who ruined Jennings relationship with the Packers. filthymcnasty1 says: Jul 26, 2013 7:12 PM I think Jennings is still bent out of shape about being sent down to the minors in MN.


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