Aaron Rodgers Fails For Fantasy Owners In Week 3

Aaron Rodgers: the greatest thing since sliced cheese

Monday, Sept. 23, 2013 Aaron Rodgers fails for fantasy owners in Week 3 Related In partnership with SBNation.com By Sharona Sports Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers only threw for 244 yards and one touchdown in the Packers’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. Rodgers also threw two interceptions and was sacked four times. Rodgers has a rookie left tackle protecting his blind side and also lost his two starting running backs in James Starks and Johnathan Franklin in the game. The Packers have a bye week in Week 4 and they need it, with running back Eddie Lacy already sidelined. Fantasy impact: The Packers are dealing with issues on the offensive line and and injury at the running back position. Rodgers is an elite quarterback and this game shouldn’t give fantasy owners cause for concern. The Bengals have a very good defense and the best defensive line in the NFL. Lacy should be back in Week 5 which should help the offense. Rodgers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and should rebound in Week 5 when the Packers face the Detroit Lions.

QB Watch: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

<img Clay Matthews Womens Jersey src=’http://www.nflrandr.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/AaronRodgers.jpg&#8217; width=’200px’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Angelo Posted: 09/17/2013 10:51 am EDT|Updated: 09/17/2013 11:15 am EDT Subscribe Follow: Football , NFL , Aaron Rodgers , Green Bay Packers , Green Bay Packers , Aaron Rodgers Best Games , Aaron Rodgers Best Performances , Green Bay Packers , Packers Redskins , Sports News Aaron Rodgers made it look easy on Sunday afternoon. The Super Bowl XLV champion tied a franchise record for passing yards against Mike Shanahan’s struggling Washington team. Rodgers threw for a career-high 480 yards and amassed four touchdowns in a 38-20 win at home without a single interception. According to ESPN Stats & Info , Rodgers became the first player since Y.A. Tittle of the 1962 New York Giants to record 480 yards without throwing any picks and scoring at least four touchdowns. By the end of the first half, he had already collected 335 passing yards . Still, the Green Bay signal-caller didn’t sound fully satisfied. “I don’t think this was my best game,” Rodgers told ESPN . “I’m very happy with the accuracy and the way things went in the passing game, but we definitely have things to work on.” Check out some of Rodgers’ most notable NFL performances below. Loading Slideshow Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (October 5, 2009) Completions: 26/37 Yards: 384 TD: 2 INT: 1 Final: 30-23 (L) Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (November 26, 2009) Completions: 28/39 Yards: 348 TD: 3 INT: 0 Final: 34-12 (W) Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers (December 20, 2009) Completions: 26/48 Yards: 383 TD: 3 INT: 0 Final: 37-36 (L) New York Giants at Green Bay Packers (December 26, 2010) Completions: 25/37 Yards: 404 TD: 4 INT: 0 Final: 45-17 (W) Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers (October 2, 2011) Completions: 29/38 Yards: 408 TD: 4 INT: 1 Final: 49-23 (W) Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons (October 9, 2011) Completions: 26/39 Yards: 396 TD: 2 INT: 0 Final: 25-14 (W) Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (November 14, 2011) Completions: 23/30 Yards: 250 TD: 4 INT: 0 Final: 45-7 (W) Green Bay Packers at New York Giants (December 4, 2011) Completions: 28/46 Yards: 369 TD: 4 INT: 1 Final: 38-35 (W) Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (December 25, 2011) Completions: 21/29 Yards: 283 TD: 5 INT: 0 Final: 35-21 (W) New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers (September 30, 2012) Completions: 31/41 Yards: 319 TD: 4 INT: 1 Final: 28-27 (W) Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans (October 14, 2012) Completions: 24/37 Yards: 338 TD: 6 INT: 0 Final: 42-24 (W) Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (December 30, 2012) Completions: 28/40 Yards: 365 TD: 4 INT: 0 Final: 37-34 (L) Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (January 10, 2010) Completions: 28/42 Yards: 423 TD: 4 INT: 1 Final: 51-45 OT (L) *NFC Wild Card Playoffs (2009-10) Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons (January 15, 2011) Completions: 31/36 Yards: 366 TD: 3 INT: 0 Final: 48-21 (W) *NFC Divisional Playoffs (2010-11) Contribute to this Story:

The rise of Aaron Rodgers is now 10 years old


There’s a lot of mutual respect there and a lot of competitiveness and passion on both sides, and every now and then that passion collides. It’s something that we talked about later and moved forward together.” The incident occurred during the second quarter at Paul Brown Stadium. During a series that ended with a field goal with 6:23 left in the first half, Rodgers appeared to be unhappy with at least one play call from McCarthy and gestured toward the Packers’ sideline. As Rodgers came off the field, he had an intense exchange with McCarthy that was caught on camera and shown on the game broadcast. “I think anytime you get into a situation where there’s a change in rhythm and personnel and play calls, things like that, it’s frustrating,” McCarthy said Sunday. “I had called a certain play in a certain situation, and he was frustrated by it. I feel good. One [disagreement] every three weeks would be awesome.” Added McCarthy during his postgame news conference: “He’s competitive, man. That’s what I love about him. I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal, frankly.” Packers defensive tackle B.J. Raji was seen trying to calm Rodgers on the sideline.

Rodgers says he’s fine with McCarthy

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You better beat Da Bears. You better win another Super Bowl. You better not be juicing PEDs like your buddy Ryan Braun. Most of all, you absolutely better not sign with the Vikings after your contract is up. If none of those things happen, could a losing season do it? The Pack Attack fell to 1-2 after Sundays game against the Bengals. Rodgers threw two interceptions, completed 26 of 43 passes totaling 217 yards and threw just one touchdown pass. I wouldnt quite consider this performance $22 million-per-year worthy. There are currently six quarterbacks in the NFL who have a higher completion rating. To rub salt in the wound, those six include Andy Dalton of the Bengals, a team that just defeated the Packers after the cheeseheads scored 30 unanswered points; Tony Romo, who led the league in interceptions last year and one of the biggest laughing stocks in football, Jay Cutler of the infamous Bears.

Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers tenure demands appreciation

Elliot Harrison ranks all 32 teams. More … The nature of such a varied attack means that a receiver might be extremely quiet one week — Jones, for example, went catch-less in the season opener — and extremely busy the next — on Sunday, Jones hauled in 11 passes for 178 yards. “That’s going to happen sometimes …” Rodgers said. “I think everyone was impressed by James’ attitude after Week 1. Like I told him in the huddle as we were taking a knee, just make sure you’re the same guy that you were this week as you were last week.” This past offseason was a bizarre one for Rodgers. For seemingly no good reason, Jennings and Driver foolishly took shots at him with critical comments . Then, Rodgers had to deal with the fallout that accompanied the revelation that his friend, embattled Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun — whom Rodgers had publically supported — was a steroid cheat. Still, Rodgers has this uncanny knack for letting it all fall off his shoulders, for compartmentalizing and focusing on football.

He turns 30 in December. “I keep telling myself it’s the new 20,” Rodgers said. “I still feel young. I still feel like I’ve got my legs underneath me, and as long as I do, I’m going to keep playing.” When he does speak out, Rodgers picks his spots, such as when he told a Wisconsin radio station after the Packers’ infamous Hail Mary loss at Seattle the NFL had tarnished the game by using replacement officials. (The regular officials returned the next week.) He has matured to the point McCarthy says he “doesn’t react to the things that are out there that, two years ago, he probably would have reacted to.” In April, he signed a $130.75 million contract through 2019 that included $54 million in guarantees a deal Rodgers believes he can play out, for seven more years, at the same level he has established his first five. “That, to me, is the challenge,” Rodgers said. “That’s tough to do. How many guys have been able to do that and be consistent for that long? Not many.” Rodgers took only a few reps in Thursday’s practice part of McCarthy’s plan to limit arm fatigue that had been an issue in past camps. They’re working together to correct footwork issues identified on film last season, but Rodgers’ individual skill level is as high as ever. The next step, according to McCarthy, involves the people around Rodgers: “What he gives to them and how he connects with them.” Maybe that would eliminate some of the noise, too.

Packers coach more interested in injuries in bye week than speculation about QB Rodgers

NAIROBI, KENYA, - SEPTEMBER 25:  Relatives carry a coffin during a funeral procession for Selima Merali (41) and her daughter Nuriana Merali (15), who were killed in the attack by gunmen at the Westgate Shopping Centre, on September 25, 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. The country is observing three days of national mourning as security forces begin the task of clearing and securing the Westgate shopping mall following a four-day siege by militants.  (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

McCarthy also acknowledged that a recent spate of hamstring injuries is worrisome. Outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who has a history of hamstring injuries, left Sundays game with one. The Packers have also been without starting safety Morgan Burnett and cornerback Casey Hayward for the first three games, while fullback John Kuhn missed Sundays game as well. Its definitely a valid question, McCarthy said before cracking a joke about the Wisconsin diet being a factor. Every injurys different. Thats why the trainers and the strength and conditioning staff view each and every injury on film. Todays athlete, I know particularly, our football team, these guys do a great job of taking care of themselves. You factor everything in. You try not to overreact to the numbers and just stay true to the specifics.

Aaron Rodgers’ Best Performances: Packers QB Makes History With Big Win Over Redskins (PHOTOS)

Later on the ESPN set Lee Corso correctly called his shot saying the Cal quarterback was a better talent than USCs Matt Leinart. By the end of the 2004 he was in the conversation as the potential No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Concerns about measureables caused him to famously slip to overall pick no 24. Then he sat on the bench for three years. In 2008, Brett Favre was finally nudged out the door the rest would soon become history for Aaron Rodgers. In late September of 2003, Rodgers was an afterthought. But I see the first half against USC as Rodgers coming out party. It was his first blip on the radar.

Not hearing it: Aaron Rodgers tunes out his critics


Rewind: Its not often that Aaron Rodgers plays poorly, but his performance in Sundays 34-30 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals might have been his worst since the 2009 road loss at then-winless Tampa Bay. On Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium, Rodgers posted his second-lowest passer rating (64.5) in a game he completed since that loss to the Bucs (57.6) on Nov. 8, 2009, and his lowest in a game he finished since Oct. 31, 2010, against the New York Jets (59.7). Rodgers snapped his NFL-record streak of 41 straight games without multiple interceptions, but one of his two picks was the result of a poor route by receiver James Jones . Rodgers Fast-forward: The Packers have their bye this week. Batted balls: Rodgers quick release means he doesnt usually have many passes batted down at the line of scrimmage, but the Bengals did it three times in the final two minutes on Sunday, including on his last pass on fourth-and-5 from the Cincinnati 20-yard line with 1:25 left. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Rodgers previously had only one game in the past five seasons in which three of his passes were batted down. Prediction: Rodgers will bounce back with a strong performance on Oct. 6 against the Detroit Lions because that is what he usually does after a rare poor outing. Since becoming a starter in 2008, he has followed multiple-interception games by combining to throw 13 touchdowns and only three interceptions in his next outing.


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