Green Bay Packers’ Eddie Lacy satisfied with his conditioning

did Eddie Randall Cobb Nike Jersey Lacy EAT Johnathan Franklin? Look at the difference btwn these photos. Just an unflattering angle? Clay Matthews Jersey David Woods (@davidpwoods) July 29, 2013 Even though some of Lacy’s teammates used the photos as an excuse for a little rookie ribbing, Lacy told reporters Tuesday that he’s satisfied with his level of conditioning. I’m at a weight where I’m comfortable at, and the coaching staff feels as though they’re comfortable where I’m at, Lacy said, according to the Associated Press. So as far as that’s concerned, we’re all on the same page. I’ve always been big. I’m a power back. I pretty much get the tough yards and I’m fast enough to get around the outside and make big plays. Packers Coach Mike McCarthy also doesn’t have an issue with Lacy’s weight or conditioning. Going through the conditioning test, he was fine, McCarthy said.

GM signs Packers’ latest treaty with Brett Favre

Solis, AP) Story Highlights Brett Favre’s relationship with the Packers has been rocky since he retired, then un-retired, then was traded in 2008 But the two sides seem ready to patch things up and retire the quarterback’s number GM Ted Thompson appears ready to end his feud with Favre SHARE 201 CONNECT 19 TWEET 9 COMMENTEMAILMORE GREEN BAY, Wis. The relationship between Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson and former quarterback Brett Favre has been strained at times, but Thompson said he would welcome Favre back into the fold. Thompson is the man responsible for ending Brett Favre’s 16-year career with the Green Bay Packers. But Thompson, who traded Favre to the New York Jets in 2008, said he would welcome Favre’s return to the Packers’ family when the quarterback gets his number retired. “I think it’s wonderful,” said Thompson on the fence-mending that has taken place between the Packers organization and Favre. SEAHAWKS’ WORST FEARS: Harvin to have hip surgery Packers President Mark Murphy has said he wants to retire Favre’s number sometime in the future, and Favre seems open to the idea. There was a time when Favre expressed bitter feelings toward Thompson and the Packers, but both sides seem to have put that in the past. Favre retired in March 2008, then wanted to return to the Packers, but Thompson declared that Aaron Rodgers was the team’s quarterback. When Favre asked for his unconditional release, Thompson refused, and when Favre flirted with the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers filed tampering charges that were later rejected by the commissioner.

Analyzing Packers’ right tackle candidates

Now they’ve joined forces in Philadelphia, and Ertz could quickly emerge as one of the weapons in Kelly’s highly anticipated offense. Howard Smith, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen David Amerson, Redskins: He brings a gambling reputation from N.C. State, and new teammate DeAngelo Hall can provide a first-hand account of how freelancing serves NFL corners. Amerson should battle immediately for the nickel role and may have Hall’s job by next season. Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports Jon Bostic, Bears: With Brian Urlacher retired, the second rounder has a shot at moving into the NFL’s most glorious positions Chicago middle linebacker — if he can displace veteran D.J. Williams. Nam Y. Huh, AP Fullscreen Ezekiel Ziggy Ansah, Lions: The Ghana native and BYU product is short on football experience but long on potential. He’ll be asked to provide pressure for a squad that lost last year’s starting defensive ends, Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch. Andrew Weber, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Eddie Lacy (pictured, 27) and Johnathan Franklin, Packers: Green Bay has never ranked better than 14th running the ball since QB Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in 2008. Yes, the team has clearly fielded offenses that shock and awe, but the arrival of the rookie runners could provide balance that’s frequently been lacking, especially at playoff time. Benny Sieu, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings: Hes one of Minnesotas three Round 1 choices (the first time a team has had such a trio since 2001). Though Patterson’s receiving skills need polish, defenses will have to respect his deep speed. Even if he doesn’t make an instant impact for QB Christian Ponder, look for him to make his presence felt as a return man. Bruce Kluckhohn, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Desmond Trufant, Falcons: Now that CBs Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson have moved on, Atlantas Round 1 choice will almost surely be thrust into a major role and will probably start in 2013 …

Packers report: Green Bay seeks for better balancing act

Marshalls been lining up with the first group, and someones going to have to beat his butt out of there, Packers offensive line coach James Campen said. Marshall understands that. He knows theres competition behind him. Heres a look at the top-three competitors: Newhouse Newhouse: Even before he learned about the changes that were planned for the offensive line, Newhouse knew he needed to make significant improvements. It wasnt like them moving me was a kick in the pants, Newhouse said. Though he wasnt the sole reason quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sacked a league-high 51 times, Newhouse had a major hand in it. So it was surprising to hear Newhouse say his goal this offseason was to improve his run blocking. He said the film showed that he was too hesitant last season. He needs to finish better and he knows that, Campen said. He needs to finish better in the run game and not allow the unnecessary letting go of the guy at the very end. Still, protecting Rodgers is critical to the Packers success. In that regard, Newhouse has been only OK so far. He has a 5-2 mark in the one-on-one pass-blocking drill.

Packers’ Mike Daniels ready to talk and play

Gotcha. No, he’s still 12. He’s still 12. I can’t give him that. He’s 12. He’s no longer the MVP. We have the MVP over here (running back Adrian Peterson ).” Later, Jennings spoke directly to and said Rodgers and the Packers know he’s not talking “smack” and that he’s “just having fun with it.” “I remember someone telling me, (Rodgers) said, ‘Greg who?’ in some interview,” Jennings said. “He did that, I ran with it. James Jones joked. We texted each other. If the media wants to talk about it and blow it up, let them.

Greg Jennings having fun with perceived Packers spat

Daniels will pursue his opponent to all ends of the field, and well after play has stopped he’ll still be in motion. Maybe he hasn’t reached his objective as much as he would like since the Green Bay Packers selected him in the fourth round of the 2012 draft. But he’s exactly what you want in a football player. “You can’t help but love that kid,” defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said. “He just works hard and doesn’t say anything. He just wants to do it the right way.” Well, the doesn’t-say-anything part isn’t exactly accurate. Unlike a year ago, when he assumed his rookie station in the locker room hierarchy, Daniels came back with gums a-flappin’. Besides being colorful and engaging, he has had a couple of verbal eruptions on the practice field that have gotten people’s attention. Daniels can’t stand it when his side of the ball doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, and it has led to some pretty intense tongue-lashings. “Football means a lot to Mike, so he doesn’t like it when something bad (happens),” Trgovac said.


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