Why the Green Bay Packers Shouldn’t Trade Jermichael Finley

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Yes Submit Vote vote to see results Should the Packers trade Jermichael Finley at some point before or during this season? Yes 5.8% Total votes: 2,129 The Packers could count on Jennings to be effective in the slot, outside and as a vertical receiver. He was a difference-maker, and offenses don’t get better by losing those types of players. Finley may not be on the same level as Jennings in terms of consistency and production, but he’s still expected to be a playmakerespecially after losing Jennings. There now figures to be more opportunities in the Packers offense, and it wouldn’t be crazy to think Finley will pick up at least a portion of the slack. Listening to the coaching staff this offseason, you’d at least expect Finley to get the chance. Dating back to the end of last season, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has been highly complimentary of his tight end. “I really think the bye week he had an opportunity to step away and change some things,” McCarthy told Ty Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He was a different guy. He was focused and productive in the second half of the season.” After Green Bay’s bye, Finley caught 37 of his 49 targets for 441 yards and a score. His drops declined, and his role in the offense increased. McCarthy continued his praise following minicamps and OTAs, per Kevin Seifert of ESPN: I think Jermichael looks excellent. He has put weight back on. He’s back where I like to see him, the playing weight that he’s playing with. He’s stronger.

Packers rookie running back Lacy has burden to carry

Arguably the best running back in college football has watched only two of his Alabama games outside of film sessions. Cartoons trump all. They extract the “real childish” kid from Gretna that Lacy misses so much. No, Katrina never stole Lacy’s love for, um… Little Quacker on “Tom and Jerry.” “I love whenever they have the little duck, that little orange duck!” Lacy says. “I love the way he sounds when he talks.” In countless ways, he’s still that kid from Gretna. Sure, he owns an Xbox, Playstation and Wii, but Lacy can still appreciate a Mario Kart marathon on oh-so-ancient Nintendo 64. He still hates onions. The mention of French onion soup from the waitress as a side order makes Lacy cringe, like he sunk his teeth into a lemon. Back in high school, Lacy didn’t drink beer and chase girls.

Green Bay Packers eye extension with Morgan Burnett


Burnett made even more progress this past season, steadily improving into an all-around safety. While Burnett saw a jump in tackles in 2012 to 123, it was his consistency and reliability that are making him a mainstay for the Packers defense. Burnett joined St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis as the only players to play every defensive snap in every game last season. At the age of 24, Burnett was primed to enter free agency next season as one of the top young defensive backs on the market. He is in the final year of his rookie contract and will make $1.325 million during the upcoming season. It is clear Ted Thompson has made him one of the Packers top priorities for extensions. Green Bay still has cap space after signing Aaron Rodgers to a five-year, $110 million extension and Clay Matthews with a five-year $66 million extension. But after letting Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson depart during the offseason, Green Bay still has enough cap room for another extension.


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