Brendan’s Blueprint: Year Two for Rodgers at Liverpool

Aaron Rodgers: ‘I’m Like The Scott Stapp’ (Creed) Of The Packers

The more players we have singing from the same hymn sheet, or rather sharing the same footballing principles, the better. It clicking here is then down to Ian Ayre to thrash-out deals and ensure the deadwood is moved-on to facilitate more transfers. If as seems the case lessons have been learned from last August we will not be dithering around on this front. We have started our business early, completing it in time for the big kick-off will hold us and our manager in good stead. So ultimately fourth may be a tall order but the key will be having a say in matters and ensuring that voice gets louder year on year. Plus the usual 20 million FSG give us each transfer window. Then again Add 45-50 million for Luis then we should have around 100 million to send. rowanb Spot on. Good to see no moans about FSG either. The Squad is going to look a whole lot better come the first game of the season, it all comes down to whos signings gel the quickest. Have a feeling the committee are trying to get all their hot picks in one go.

Choose Your QB: Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers

Charles Johnson looks to emulate Donald Driver Via Fox Sports Wisconsin | 4 days ago GREEN BAY, Wis. — It didn’t take long for Charles Johnson to discover an early similarity between the start of his career with the Green Bay Packers and that of the franchise’s all-time leading receiver Donald Driver. Fourteen years ago, Driver was drafted in the seventh round by the Packers. Now, just as Driver exits Green Bay with a key to the city and a street named after… Via 60 Max Power O | 4 days ago Rookie running back Johnathan Franklin is expected to team up with fellow rookie Eddie Lacy and form a powerful 1-2 punch in the ground game for the Packers. Franklin was selected by the Packers in the fourth round, with the 125th overall pick, of the 2013 NFL Draft. The need to take the pressure off quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the passing game and get back to a more balance… Via Football Nation | 4 days ago Summer is here andanother round of OTAs in Green Bay, Wisconsin has passed.And another promise from head coach Mike McCarthy that the Green Bay running game will be better. Packers fans remember that ever since McCarthy was hired he has promised a good running game. And although he has delivered a Super Bowl and is one of the elite coaches in the NFL, he has rarely delivered…

Aaron Rodgers and NFL contract ‘rules’

Of course, in that case, he rallied to knock off the Saints quarterback. 4. Here’s something in Rodgers’ favor: He gets the nod for three of the four fantasy-playoff periods over Manning (Weeks 13-16), including Fantasy Bowl Week (vs. Pittsburgh … although it’s basically a tossup). 5. From my perspective, Denver can look forward to approximately 13 weather-friendly games this year , more than Green Bay. 6. You really can’t go wrong with either quarterback on drat day.

Brendan Rodgers

The story figures to remain a part of NFL offseason news, especially in the absence of games, training camp practices, mini-camps or even Organized Team Activities. [+] Enlarge Kevin Reece/Icon SMI Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, a Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP and three-time Pro Bowl player, is scheduled to earn $9.75 million in 2013 and $11 million in 2014. We’ve been discussing this issue since midway through Rodgers’ MVP season in 2011 . Even then, it was clear that he had far outperformed the six-year, $65 million contract he signed in October 2008. But that deal’s post-2014 expiration eliminated any urgency the Packers might have felt to address it, and frankly, they would be within their rights to sit tight for another year. After all, the majority of NFL contracts are extended with one season (or less) remaining. Rodgers has two. Flacco was a week away from free agency, or a pricy franchise tag, when he and the Ravens struck a deal. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees signed a five-year, $100 million contract last summer only after receiving a franchise tag.

Aaron Rodgers and a ‘hometown discount’

It might be difficult for Rodgers to argue for future veterans if his cap number limits the Packers’ flexibility. To me, however, the answer is simple. The only value in taking a hometown discount is public relations. There is no reason to believe it would impact the Packers’ future team-building. Rodgers has acknowledged his role as the “face of the franchise” and the Packers undoubtedly love having one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks on their roster. I know many of you think of him as the type of player who doesn’t care about the difference between $15 million and $22 million. That might well be the case. But Rodgers would be naive to assume that the Packers or any NFL team would capitalize on the discount — at least not in the desired fashion. There are no quid pro quos in the NFL, and if you don’t believe me, look at what has transpired this offseason between the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady .


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